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The Beacon is an Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things community that brings tech entrepreneurs, corporates, researchers and innovation actors together. The Beacon, smart innovation for the industry, port & logistics, mobility and smart city!

Our mission is to build an innovative business network around disruptive technologies, services and products in Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. With this we strive for value creation in industry, port & logistics, mobility and smart cities by bringing together relevant players in the domains. Thanks to the presence of the port, the industry and the city there is a positive impact on the time-to-market of these innovations.

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The Beacon’s dedicated team

Wim De Waele

General Manager 

Ronald Hermans

Business Manager – Community & Innovation

Manuella Foriers

Office Manager

The Beacon’s governance board

Dirk Diels

Director Business and Innovation

Erwin Verstraelen

Chief Digital Innovation Officer

Silvia Lenaerts

Vicerector Valorisation and Development

John Baekelmans

Managing Director Netherlands and Vice President

Ingrid Reynaert

Business Group Leader Smart Cities

Founding partners



Agoria wants to develop an IoT/AI ecosystem at the Beacon by being a facilitator and strengthening the ecosystem by responding to technical and non-technical needs.

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City of Antwerp


As an ‘ecosystem builder’, Antwerp is a magnet for national and international companies that want to develop, test and sell digital products and services. In The Beacon, the City and its partners sow the seeds for a strong ecosystem, for the innovative products of the future, and for exciting jobs.

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Imec is the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. In the Beacon in Antwerp, imec will host its ambitious smart city program, “City of Things”.

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Port of Antwerp


On the eve of a fundamental digital transformation, the Antwerp Port authority supports and facilitates the development and implementation of new Internet of Things (IoT) products and services.

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University of Antwerp


The University of Antwerp is a research university where pioneering, innovative research is conducted at an international level. Educational innovation is a constant focus for our 20,000 students spread across our nine faculties.

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