The Beacon is an innovation community, bringing together tech companies, research, skills, innovation actors and citizens to collaborate on smart solutions for keeping this world liveable and sustainable. We focus on Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Port & Logistics, Smart Industry and Smart Buildings. We’re headquartered in The Beacon Innovation Hub in Antwerp, were you’ll be able to work, learn, network and develop tomorrow’s technologies. So, far from being just another business center, The Beacon is an Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things community and the launchpad for your products & solutions, and interact with not just our community but a larger ecosystem which is expanding every day. Our bricks and mortar are the cradle of an internationally connected ecosystem, crafted and managed by a whole team.

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The Beacon offers you a real community of companies, experts, tech entrepreneurs and researchers confronted to similar challenges, enabling you to learn from each other and create business opportunities to grow together!

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You can not only become a member of our IoT and AI community, but you can also benefit from a collaborative, inspiring and flexible workspace in Antwerp to have a productive day, host a big meeting or simply grab a coffee at work!

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The emergence and potential of the Physical Internet in the area of logistics

Our innovation activities are driven by our members. Experts in certain areas, such as Ports & Logistics, meet regularly to discuss the salient issues, developments and technologies that affect their industry. The undeniable changes in logistics, in particular the movement towards the Physical Internet, is such a trending topic. This whitepaper cranks up the debate and gives an impression of the kind of digital innovation our community is working on.

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Michiel Valee (Dockflow) wins audience award ‘Flows Rookie Of The Year’ 

Michiel was among the last three candidates and won the audience award Flow Rookie Of The Year. For a long time, the world of logistics was struggling with a digital backlog. Michiel saw the opportunity, decided that automation with a human touch was the way to go and expanded the company Dockflow.
Read how The Beacon plays a role in the growth of their market share.

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