Reinventing the Chemical Logistic Chain

The Beacon organised this webinar on 17.12.2020 where five experts shared their views on the different logistics challenges for the chemical industry and the innovative solutions that can be applied to meet these challenges.

Missed it? Would you like to (re)watch the webinar? Wondering who the experts were? Take a look at the program and recording.

The chemical industry has tremendous experience in operational excellence and safety. One of its main challenges, however, is obtaining the same state-of-the-art level for the transportation and affiliated logistics of their goods.

Innovation and digitization in this logistic chain are required to improve control and safety, and to decrease the ecological footprint of this industry. And as for every high-volume business, every incremental step that provides more transparency and accuracy about position, transport and delivery, would be of a major benefit.

This webinar is an initiative of The Beacon, driven by its expert group on Ports & Logistics. The Beacon is a community of innovative companies and research institutions, collaborating to provide digital solutions for the challenges of our ports, cities and industries.


  • Joost Naessens, Cefic – Reliability – Traceability – Efficiency. What can the chemical industry expect?
  • Troy Muyshondt, Dockflow – The 4 levels of visibility in maritime shipping
  • Thierry Vanelslander, UAntwerpen – Impact of calamities and uncertainty on logistics chains and cargo flows.
  • Kevin Onderbeke, Ahlers – Supply chain risk management and contingency planning in the chemical sector
  • Jan Buytaert, Verhaert – End-to-end optimization of the supply chain algorithm