The Beacon accommodates all kinds of key IoT residents. We are a product development hub in the centre of Antwerp focused on the key IoT domains of industry, logistics and smart city.

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Verhaert integrates technology development, business model design and user centered design in an integrated IR&D service (Innovation, research and development) for both leading companies and start-ups.

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Voxdale is an expert in hardware product development. They bring your idea into a succesfull product and guide you up till transfer to production. Their team are skilled engineers, product developpers and designers with skills in mechanical, mechatronical, electronical, IoT and cloud conectivity. Experienced in building startups ourself, Voxdale can also support you in giving advice and find funding. And for all hardware prototyping needs, Voxdale has a top notch workshop with all modern prototyping machines available. They work across sectors, from medtech over mobility, industry, energy, agro and foodtech.

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Zero Friction is an accessible, scalable and affordable cloud platform for heat suppliers and building managers. You can use the platform for both small and large projects. You can use the platform in no time without a large investment.

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