Shaping the Future of the City

at The Beacon | Mar 03, 2020

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Nowadays, cities and urban areas are confronted with a variety of problems and challenges. Mobility, air quality, safety, security, … just to name some of them. Many urban areas will face challenges in meeting the needs of their growing urban populations, including housing, transportation, energy systems, and other infrastructure.

We as citizens and professionals are all impacted by these problems and challenges, or perhaps we create them. Knowing that today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050, it’s clear we need collaborative actions. A joint effort of technology providers, urban design experts, scientific research, innovation actors and citizen movement can open perspectives to sustainable solutions. Sustainable urbanization is key to successful development.

The question now is how to make the city of tomorrow sustainable by joining forces. Technology is already injected in many perspectives, in an attempt to make cities smart. And as cities get smarter, they are becoming more livable and more responsive. Today we are only seeing a preview of what technology could eventually do in the urban environment.

Until recently, city leaders thought of smart technologies primarily as tools for becoming more efficient behind the scenes. Now technology is being injected more directly into the lives of residents. Smartphones have become the keys to the city, putting instant information about transit, traffic, health services, safety alerts, and community news into millions of hands.

The Beacon wants to contribute to a livable future for urban areas by initiating projects on this topic, bringing together researchers, design sciences, tech companies and innovation actors (like city government). That is why we want to inform and interact on how we see the shaping of the future of the city, with a focus on the interaction of technology, urban design, and research.

During this session you will get insights from three people, all part of The Beacon innovation ecosystem: Sylvianne Van Butsele, policy advisor of Alexander D’Hooghe (Intendant – MIT / Urban Design Sciences Hub (UAntwerp) / Lantis), Thierry Vanelslander (Research Professor Transport, Logistics and Ports (UAntwerp) and Ilse Bracke (Research Valorization Director for the Research group IDLab (imec-UAntwerp)). They will disclose the plans, and they invite you to interact on how you want to cooperate, to create a sustainable “smart” future for the city of the day after tomorrow. And last but not least: this is a call to action, to gather insights from you as attendee, how you see your professional contribution.


18.00:  Registration // some drinks & food

18.45:  Welcome ADM

19.00:  Welcome in The Beacon : Ronald Hermans

19:10 : Shaping the Future of the City: How to tackle the urban challenges by research & design – Sylvianne Van Butsele

19:35 : Shaping the Future of the City: what strategy to mitigate mobility and logistics problems? – Prof. Thierry Vanelslander

19.50 : Shaping the Future of the City: How to digitally empower cities to survive, adapt and thrive – Ilse Bracke

20.15 : Q & A: How can You contribute to shape the Future of the City?

20.30 : Networking

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