Online Kick Off NxtPort International & The Beacon

at Online | Mar 16, 2021

NxtPort International and The Beacon join forces to establish co-creation ecosystem

The NxtPort platform provides countless opportunities for local application developers. NxtPort International, a joint-venture between NxtPort and Vopak, will drive the international expansion of the port data platform. Multiple international ports have already manifested interest in adopting the platform.

NxtPort is a success-story and has managed to untap a massive volume of data related to shipping, logistics and related activities in the Port of Antwerp. This data can subsequently be used by companies to build applications to improve supply-chain efficiency, increase transparency or facilitate doing business in the Port of Antwerp.

These applications can be used by any kind of private company or public organization active in a given port. And this provides a TON of opportunities.

NxtPort International will not only bring its barebone platform to foreign markets, but the applications on it as well. The Beacon wants to seize this opportunity to foster the development of applications, and has joined forces with NxtPort for this campaign.

This consists in a SERIES OF EVENTS, aiming at defining the needs and opportunities of NxtPort and its customers (demand-side) and involving software developers, application builders and other digital companies (supply-side) that want to collaborate to provide solutions.

We’ll kick off this campaign with an online event on March 16th, at 13.00h. NxtPort International CCO Geert De Wilde will explain the ambitions of his company and the objectives of this campaign. The other speakers will contribute from their perspective as a customer or existing application builder.


  • 13u00 Start
  • 13u00 – 13u10 Introduction The Beacon
  • 13u10 – 13u40 Geert De Wilde NxtPort International
  • 13u45 – 14u15 Panel Developer Testimonial 
  • 14u15 – 14u45 Client Testimonial 
  • 14u45 – 15u00 Q&A


  • Geert De Wilde | CCO Nxtport International
  • Jan Van Dooren | CEO of PORT+
  • Troy Muyshondt | Co-founder & CEO Dockflow
  • Luc De Clerck | Co-Founder cinvio
  • Mark Noordhoek Hegt | Global Director Digital Innovation at Vopak
  • Erik Lankamp | Innovation Manager Vopak
  • Bart Van Der Meer | Innovation Engagment Leader at Vopak

The target audience is quite clear cut: all companies that share the ambition to facilitate business and provide solutions to ports, logistics and related activities by using data!

Kick Off NxtPort International & The Beacon